Pointy Faces pride themselves on providing organic, eco-friendly, handmade and practical dog care essentials. The duo behind this fabulous brand are the lovely Megan, and her dog Bella – an elegant greyhound, whippet cross.


We love following them on social media – not only are their products attractively packaged and practical, they also share some adorable photos [I’m such a sucker for pointy-nosed pooches – just don’t tell Poppy dog, she wouldn’t approve of my admiration at all!]


I’d been wanting to find an alternative to Poppy’s usual toothpaste for a while. Very much like with us humans, organic products are all the rage, and with claims they are so much better for our health and well-being I was keen to try Pointy Faces Neem Bark Powder. Neem Bark Powder contains amazing anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, and in return it helps to promote healthy gums, teeth and skin, along with a healthy digestive tract.


Mixed together with Pointy Faces Organic Coconut Oil, which is also has excellent health benefits for dogs [and us humans – I use it all the time in cooking] it seemed to offer a pretty healthy alternative to her conventional doggy toothpaste. The question is, does it work as well……?


Ever since she was a puppy, Poppy has always had her teeth brushed every night before bedtime. It was one of those things you’re told to do at puppy training classes and from there it became a habit – one which Poppy will never let me forget! It’s a routine in our house – outside for the last ‘comfort break’ of the day, then in for milk and tooth brushing!


Straight away, I knew that The Pointy Faces Natural Oral Care Pack for Dogs [yes, you can buy it as a kit, as well as separately – very handy] was going to be a hit! Poppy instantly liked the smell and taste of the Neem Bark Powder, and I just felt that, unlike her other toothpaste, you could really press the Coconut Oil into the bristles of the toothbrush, so that it doesn’t all come off on the first tooth! That coupled with the constant lip-licking afterwards,  [try saying that after a few Roses!] I knew this was a change for life!


To brush her teeth, I simply cover the toothbrush [I guess you can use your finger if you prefer] in Pointy Faces Organic Coconut Oil and then dip it into the Neem Bark Powder before brushing her teeth.


One of the other brilliant things about the Neem Bark Powder is that it lasts for ages! I’ve been using it for just over a month now, and I’ve hardly used any – compare this to her standard toothpaste, and I’d be needing a new tube by now – so not only is it a super healthy alternative, it’s also cost effective too! [I love it when you find a product that really works and is kind on the purse!]


In just over four weeks, Neem Bark Powder really has made a huge difference to Poppy’s teeth – they are visibly whiter and her breath is a lot fresher too [even my husband has commented, so it must be true!]

A huge thank you to Megan for producing a product that really does work – Pops and I would definitely recommend it to fellow woofers! If you haven’t already, make sure you sniff out the Pointy Faces website – they have a beautiful range treats, gifts and accessories to compliment their fabulous organic grooming products.

Love Kate and Poppy


We’ve been putting other Pointy Faces products to the test too, so keep an eye out for our up-coming reviews.

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