Never one to turn down a tasty treat, we’ve been putting Pointy Faces’ new range of bite size treats and sausages to the test.

Pointy Faces Tasty Treats

I’m always on the look out for new treats to try for Pops. Let’s face who can resist those puppy dog eyes when your furry friend hears the rustle of a treat packet! High on my list of priorities though always has to be goodness as well as ‘gobble factor!’ So when Megan from Pointy Faces got in touch to see if Pops would like to put her new range of dog treats to the test, naturally we obliged!

Pointy Faces Tasty Bitesized Treats

The new range of sausages and treats come in three tantalisingly moorish flavours – Duck and British Venison, White Fish with vegetables and herbs, and British Lamb.

Now I’ll be honest, Poppy’s not a huge fan of anything biscuity and dry when it comes to dog treats, so I knew we were probably onto a winner. In fact, her all time favourite treats [what I refer to as her posing bait!] are venison sausages, so I was keen to see how the Pointy Faces version compared. [No pressure!]

Pointy Faces Tasty Bitesized Duck and Venison Treats

Who are Pointy Faces?

For those of you who have read our previous blogs [it’s okay, you can humour me at this point if you haven’t – just catch up and all will be forgiven!] you’ll know we are huge fans of Pointy Faces.

They sell an eco-friendly, organic range of dog care essentials and what we love most is that, unlike so many other brands we’ve tried, their products really do work.

You may remember in a previous blog, I talked about the benefits of Zen Dog, a herbal supplement designed to relieve stress and anxiety in our canine companions. I still swear by it to this day.

Zen Dog Herbal Remedy for Dogs

They also do a great range of enrichment products – the Turnaround Strategy Game being Poppy’s all time favourite feeding device!

Turnaround Strategy Game for Dogs

Branching out

Earlier in the year, I was devastated to learn that Megan’s beloved greyhound cross whippet, Bella sadly passed away. Leaving a huge whole in her heart and space of her sofa, Megan adopted beautiful Olive, a Lurcher with a very fussy palate by all accounts!

Pointy Faces Bitesized Lamb Dog Treats

Megan soon realised that treats needed to be super tasty as well as packed with natural goodness to meet the approval of her girl, and so set about creating a new range of tantalising treats and scrumptious sausages!

Tasty bite-sized treats

Packaged in recyclable packaging [Pointy Faces are eco conscious through and through], these tasty little morsels are just perfect as a training treat. Healthy, nutritious, grain free and hypoallergenic you can be satisfied that you’re feeding your pup a quality product made from carefully sourced British ingredients.

Pointy Faces Bitesized Venison and Duck Dog Treats

Handmade in a human-grade factory and then air-dried to retain their nutrients and flavour, they are guaranteed to get dogs drooling in seconds. The treats are not cooked, meaning they are also suitable if you feed your dog a raw diet.

Scrummy Sausages

The sausages are considerably larger than the bite sized treats, but contain the exact same ingredients, the only difference being they are not sliced. They are available in the same flavours and come in packs of eight. Like the treats they contain only natural, responsibly sourced British ingredients and are perfect for a special treat.

Pointy Faces Scrummy Sausages

Both the sausages and treats are available to buy individually in 100 gram packs, or you can purchase them as a pack of three [perfect for ringing the changes, plus it saves you a few pennies too].

Did they pass the Poppy test?

Silly question really, did they heck?!! Poppy obviously loved the sausages, largely due to their size compared to the bite sized treats I would imagine, but personally I loved the smaller treats as they’re so handy.

Pointy Faces Bitesized Dog Treats

The treats are soft and mailable making them just perfect to take on a training session [or a photoshoot in our case!] as you can break them into smaller pieces and make the taste sensation [or bribery!] last even longer!

Pointy Faces Scrummy Sausage Dog Treats
If you’ve got a daft dog Mum she’ll make you wear them as a necklace!!

I’m not sure Poppy would overly agree with my logic, bearing in mind she would have happily gobbled up the lot in one sitting given half a chance, but as a responsible dog mum, you don’t want your pup eating too many treats in between meals!

What were Poppy’s favourite?

Pops is a fish-aholic, in fact, she was literally drooling when I was trying to take the photos for this blog! So it’ll come as no surprise that her favourite flavour were the White Fish, but I have to say the other two flavours weren’t far behind. It’s also worth mentioning that the White Fish treats are incredibly low in fat, only 1%, so if your pup is a bit on the paunchy side these are just perfect!

Pointy Faces Bitesized White Fish Treats

The ultimate test for any treat is whether it’ll make her pose for a photo [trust me, she soon let’s me know if the treats on offer aren’t up to standard – talk to the paw!!] 

Pointy Faces Scrummy Sausage Treats

All the flavours most definitely got her attention and got a huge paws up from us! So Megan, guess what we’ll be adding to every order from now on?! Sausagessssss!

What are your dogs favourite treats, we’d love to know. Why not leave a comment below.

Woofs and Wags

Kate and Pops


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