Reg&Bob offer a funky range of practical dog leads and collars designed for dogs who want to be dogs!

Reg and Bob Dog Lead

The brand is so called after an adorable duo of fun-loving Norfolk Terriers of the same names, whose hu-mum Sarah [designer and creator of these snazzy accessories] decided to invent a range of dog wear that allows ‘dogs to be dogs.’

Reg and Bob Dog Collar

Reg&Bob Practical Dog Leads and Collars

There is no species on the planet that knows how to live life better than our canine companions! You’ve only got to watch them getting up to their doggy mischief.

Bounding through muddy puddles, tearing carelessly through long wet grassland and diving head first into the waves at the seaside, to know that they are born adventurers!

Reg&Bob’s practical dog leads and collars allow your furry friend to enjoy life’s adventures to the max. Their range of hard-wearing washable collars and leads are designed with style and practicality at the forefront of their brand.


Reg & Bob Dog Lead

Reg&Bob – Bright, Bold and Stylish Dog Leads and Collars

Reg&Bob leads and collars come in a choice of bold and vibrant colours. Complete with a contrasting signature stripe to give the brand an edgy style all of its own.

We opted for a pink collar with a navy stripe, which is just the most gorgeous colour combo and perfect for my girl. [who let’s face it is a bit of a princess!]

The matching lead comes in the opposite colour-way which, in my opinion, makes it look even more stylish. I can assure you, it’s not just Poppy dog who feels rather sassy wearing this lead and collar set. We look a right pair of trend-setting fashionistas when we’re out on walkies now!

Reg & Bob Dog Lead and Collar

Hard Wearing, Practical and Designed for Adventure

Made from a hard wearing polypropylene webbing fabric, the collars come in two sizes; small – medium and medium – large. They are easily adjusted using a robust black buckle, and fastened in place using a quick release plastic clip.

The collars are suitable for all breeds of dog from Dachshund to Great Danes. The only exception being sight-hounds who require specialist collars, but the leads would still be suitable.

The lead attaches to a metal D ring, to which you can also fix your dog’s identity tag. Both products are finished to the highest quality and branded with a unique Reg&Bob sewn in label.

The lead feels really good to hold in your hand – comfortable, yet strong and sturdy. It is also a perfect length, not too long so it’s constantly getting caught around Poppy’s legs, but equally not too short. I really dislike leads that don’t allow dogs a bit of freedom to walk at their own pace.

Reg and Bob Dog Lead
So how did Reg&Bob survive the Poppy test?

Well I have to be honest, all those adventurous doggies that I was referring to earlier…..that’s not really my girl!

Charging through the waves at a hundred miles an hour is not Poppy’s style! In fact, she’s only been swimming once in her whole life. [bearing in mind she’s 14!]  Whilst she quite enjoyed the experience, she did remind me of a graceful old granny doing the breast-stroke and keeping her head firmly above the water!!

However, Pops does love splashing around in our local ford! Throw a ball into the equation and she forgets all about wanting to keep her head dry!! So, to the ford it was to put this collar through it’s paces!

Reg and Bob Dog Lead and Collar

Waterproof and Washable Dog Leads and Collars

I’m one of those people who likes to look after things. I try and preserve them as best I can so they remain looking as pristine and as new as possible.

I am guilty of being one of those dog-mums who would normally remove Poppy’s collar before she even sets paw in the water, so for me this was quite a liberating experience! [Or maybe unnerving is more the word – would Poppy’s beautiful new collar ever look the same again?!] 

Reg and Bob Dog Collar

Reg and Bob Dog Collar Set

It Survived the wash and came out like new!

Well bravely [for me, anyway] I did wash it on our return, and I’m relieved to report that it has come out as good as new!

The colour is just as vibrant as before and there is absolutely no shrinkage or signs of deterioration whatsoever.

So, Reg&Bob products really do do as they promise. They provide a practical, stylish solution for ‘dogs who like to be dogs.’

What’s more, not only are their products fashionable and serviceable, they are also very reasonably priced. Their collars start at just £17-£18 and their leads are £19. They also sell a lead and collar sets for £33 – £34.

I think is fantastic value, and considering their durability, it means that you have a lead and collar which you can wash time and time again and it will continue to look smart and dressy, ready for any occasion!

We actually love Reg&Bob so much that we are now the proud owners of four sets of their fabulous accessories!

Reg & Bob Dog Collar

Reg and Bob Dog Collar

A huge thank you to Sarah, for letting us try your wonderful products.

Woofs and Wags

Kate, Pops and Gertie


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