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Autarky Hypoallergenic Dog Food

When it comes to Poppy’s diet, I’m really quite particular! In fact, I often shudder at the thought of what I used to feed her when she was a puppy. That was almost thirteen years ago and back in the day before people realised the importance of feeding dogs a diet that is healthy, natural and full of the essential ingredients needed to live an active and happy life.

Autarky Grain Free Dog Food

We were recently approached by Autarky to see if Pops would like to try their range of hypoallergenic, grain free dog food.  Never one to disappoint, we of course obliged – my very willing tester on paw!

Autarky Grain Free Dog Food Review

Who are Autarky?

Autarky dog food has been formulated with the help of one of Britain’s leading canine nutritionists. It is designed to give our furry companions everything they need in their diet at every stage of their life. Using a combination of locally sourced, high quality ingredients they have created a range of tasty, nutrition rich foods that are free from wheat, gluten and soya. All of those ingredients which can so often cause health problems for our pups.

Autarky Dog Food Review

What makes Autarky Dog Food special?

Autarky operate an ‘open declaration’ policy meaning everything that goes into their food is listed on the packaging. As you would expect from a quality product, they only use human grade meat, so that the nutritional value is not compromised in any way.

Marketed as a complete dog food, it does exactly what it says on the tin (well bag actually!) It provides your dog with all the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals they need to stay healthy. Free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, the only thing that they add to their food is a natural antioxidant to keep the food fresh and tasty.

Autarky Dog Food Review

The taste test – What Pops thought of Autarky Dog Food!

Now as much as I’m particular over what I’ll feed Pops, she is equally as fussy over what she’ll eat! [I kid you not, if she ever eats anything that makes her ill, she’ll never touch it again with a barge pole! Just like her Mum!]

Autarky Dog Food Review

From the minute I opened the bag, what struck me was the meaty aroma of the food. [Now don’t worry, I didn’t have the urge to start tucking in, but Poppy was most certainly impressed by the smell!] It stands to reason, much like with human food, that if something smells good, you’re far more likely to enjoy it, so it instantly got the paws up!

The pieces of kibble are a decent size and have a good crunch factor – something which Pops always seems to enjoy! You can choose to feed the food dry or serve it with a splash of cold water or gravy if your dog prefers their food slightly more moist.

Autarky Dog Food

We were sent the Tantalising Turkey and Potato  which is designed to help with mobility and joint care. It comprises a blend of olive extract, green lipped mussels, marine algae and glucosamine. Many of the ingredients which are very good for supporting ageing joints. Something which I’ve been very conscious of since Pops ruptured her cruciate ligament eighteen months ago.

Autarky Dog Food Review

It contains carbohydrate in the form of potato and sweet potato for a slow release of energy. Along with zinc and vitamin B to promote a healthy skin and coat. Coupled with antioxidants and herbs to support the immune system and prebiotics to aid digestion, it really is a good all rounder and most certainly passed the taste test with her majesty!

Making feeding time fun

What I love about Autarky dog food is it lends itself to being fed in a variety of ways! Pops rarely eats from a bowl.  Only at breakfast when she has a whole concoction of oils and supplements on her food to preserve her for as long as humanly possible. [Trust me forever wouldn’t be long enough].

Autarky Dog Food

I’ve recently invested in a few different treats dispensers and feeding devices to add a bit more enrichment into Poppy’s day. Providing mental stimulation for our canine companions is so important. Yet, it is something that we, as humans, rarely consider.

Autarky Dog Food

Hiding Poppy’s food in a Snuffle Mat, or letting her eat her tea from a treat dispenser means that she eats much slower. This is better for digestion and helps relieves anxiety. Something which she suffers from more with age.

The other big bonus for me is that this particular flavour of Autarky food is fairly low in protein. As dogs age, it can be more difficult for them to digest a high protein diet. Therefore, I’m always mindful of the protein content in the food I feed Pops.

Where can you buy Autarky Dog Food?

You can buy Autarky dog food at various retailers online, or find your nearest stockist via their interactive map. A 12kg bag of food costs £31.99 at the time of writing this blog (April 2019)

It is recommended that you introduce new foods gradually over a period of 5-7 days to avoid any tummy upsets.

Autarky Dog Food Review

A huge thank you to Autarky for letting Pops be a tester for your food.

Woofs and Wags

Kate and Pops


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