I don’t often find time to write blog posts, but the excitement of today has compelled me to put ‘paws to pad’ and write a little something about our new family member!

Bert the tortoise has been with us for just over a year now, and during that time we (including Poppy dog – after a bit of persuasion!) have become extremely fond of him. Little did I know, before he arrived, what characters tortoises are! They truly are a creature that worships the sun (not dis-similar to myself really!) and on warm days, fully solar-charged, Bert has been known to climb the garden trellis (to quite a respectable height!) and even take himself for a stroll along the pavement – yes, I kid you not, we actually found him (after frantically searching the undergrowth) ambling along, happy as Larry! Luckily, he’s clearly passed his road safety test and Bert wasn’t in the road!

Well, today has been a morning filled with excitement and anitcipation as we were awaiting the arrival of our new family member. Now, whenever the post lady delivers a parcel, it’s always an exciting event – particularly for the furry, four-pawed family member (try saying that after one too many wines!), so Poppy dog’s paws have been trembling with excitement and anticipation since breakfast!

At last, after what seemed like forever (I’m sure the post lady took a different route to keep us in suspense!) Bert Jr finally arrived and was introduced to his doppelgänger, after a bit of gentle prizing out of his carefully wrapped packaging by Poppy! As you can see, it was most definitely love at first sight for the scaly siblings, and I’m hoping some of mini Bert’s felty, laid-back attitude might have a calming influence on big Bert! ❤?

Bert The Tortoise

Now, not only has Bert brought us hours of entertainment, he also seems to be gaining quite a social media following! I’m thinking that very soon I’ll have to create his own Twitter page! Joking aside, Bert, Poppy and myself have met some truly amazing people through social media, one of which being the lovely MisHelenEous, an incredibly talented lady who makes beautiful handmade gifts for ‘house and hound!’

The other week, the lovely Helen, posted a photo of a little hedgehog brooch, and I jokingly commented ‘you could make a tortoise brooch too!’ Well, low and behold a week or so later, and we’re welcoming Bert Jr. to the family.

If you haven’t already, check out MisHelenEous’ Etsy shop, she makes some truly amazing keep-sakes, things which you really will treasure for life.

So (I kind of feel like I’m doing an Oscar speech now, but I really am genuinely humbled by the genorosity of some of the lovely people I’ve met through social media) a big thank you, from Poppy, Bert and myself, we are truly touched by your kindness Helen x


One thought on “Bert Finds Love at First Sight!

  1. Helen Rogers says:

    Kate, Poppy & Bert make a great team and its always a pleasure working with, and having fun with creative like minded people and animals! Bert (the real one) is a legend and has altered my opinion of tortoises hugely. Best wishes for more Dotty4Paws adventures and I’m proud to be listed with your business directory. This super blog post has made my week. Helen Rogers, MisHelenEous

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