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East Ruston Cottages - Norfolk

East Ruston Dog Friendly Holiday Cottages Norfolk

Sea Lows Crowden Road Eccles Norfolk NR12 0SJ
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We know how hard it can be to find somewhere that welcomes ALL your dogs, so for over 10 years what we have done is.

  • Welcomed dogs of all shapes and sizes and breeds
  • NEVER charged a penny for any dog
  • Provided really lovely places to stay – not doggy!
  • Made sure dogs and owners feel welcomed and looked after
  • Raved about our wonderful dog friendly beaches
  • Told our guests about the great dog friendly cafes and pubs nearby
  • Never batted an eyelid at requests for 8 or more dogs!
  • Been absolutely passionate about welcoming dogs here

It’s way more dog friendly here in Norfolk than in many other parts of the country. Our guests fall in love with the area time after time and many of them move here. The beaches, the pubs and cafes, the countryside walks and the general friendliness of the area are what bring folk and their dogs back here time after time!

Come and look at the website or the Facebook page or the Insta account to find out what it is that makes us so popular! Or email me – Sue – always happy to help you choose, tell you about the area, the houses, the places to go! I have lived here over 30 years and have 4 dogs and love spending time with them in this truly dog welcoming part of the country. I know all the properties personally so I can tell you about the layout, the fencing round the garden, whether there’s a dog crate or a slow cooker, a pub nearby or a great walk from the door.

East Ruston Dog Friendly Holiday Cottage Norfolk

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