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12 Tail-Wagging Christmas Gift Ideas for Dogs and Dog Lovers

Dotty4Paws Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is the most wonderful time of year, and the perfect excuse to indulge our four-legged friends.

Not having any little people in the household means that Poppy and Gertie are always expected to entertain us and put maximum effort into present opening on Christmas morning.

Surviving Fireworks Season with a Fearful Dog – My Tried and Tested Top Tips

I love Autumn. The smell of woodsmoke billowing from chimneys, the scrunching of colourful leaves beneath your feet, the cold crisp mornings. The thing I hate though, probably like most dog lovers up and down the land, is fireworks.

There is nothing more distressing than seeing my dogs shaking with fear, trembling uncontrollably and completely inconsolable.

How Healthy is My Dog’s Diet? Carole Sandhu Reveals The Truth Behind Dog Food Labels

Dalmatian with Fruit and Veg

The health food market is big business for us humans, and over recent years we have seen our health trends coming through into the dog food market too.  

From hypoallergenic dog foods, to gluten-free treats. There is a huge array of products aimed at health-conscious dog owners.  

But are any of the claims these products make actually of benefit to dogs?

7 Best Boredom Busters and Dog Enrichment Games for a Happy Healthy Pup

Turnaround Strategy Game for Dogs

15 years ago when Pops was a puppy, dogs ate from bowls. Full stop! There were no fancy puzzles or dog enrichment games. Fast forward a decade and a half and there are literally oodles to choose from!

Living With A Fearful Dog? Top Tips and Tricks to Help Your Anxious Dog

My Anxious Dog Padded Harness

In terms of Gertie’s development, the pandemic could not have been worse timing. Don’t get me wrong I loved being at home with her constantly and never leaving her side, but I knew long term this wasn’t good for her. 

The Helpful Dog Owner Etiquette Guide – 6 Top Tips For A Well Mannered Mutt

Spaniel at Dog Friendly Bar

Dog Etiquette, it’ll be a subject of much scrutiny as we inch ourselves back into a post-lockdown world. 

So is your dog a well-mannered mutt or a doggy delinquent? Let’s find out!

Discover Everything You Need For The Best Dog Friendly Getaway

Dog friendly Punting Cambridge

Dog friendly getaways are the best! Anywhere that I can take Pops and Gerts along with me gets the big thumbs up from me, and that’s why I created Dotty4Paws.

I want to help you find a dog friendly place to stay in the UK where you can have an amazing staycation with your dog.

Getting a Second Dog – The Trials, Tribulations and Deliberations!

Getting a Second Dog

‘When is the right time to get a second dog?’ I remember actually typing this into the Google search bar, hoping that the answer was going to spring out of the ether at me!

You see the thing is, I was so excited to be getting a puppy, but equally so nervous that Poppy, my then 13 year old collie/ terrier cross was going to have her nose put severely out of joint and never forgive me!