We were recently approached by Cobbydog to see if Pops would like to try their new range of Optimum Chicken Cold Pressed Dog Food with TurmerAid.

With so many different dog food brands out there on the market, it can be a mind boggling experience trying to decide on the right food for your pup.

With a willing taster, on paw, we were keen to put Cobbydog to the test!

Cobbydog Dog Food Review

How Can Cobbydog Food Benefit My Dog?

Dog nutrition is big business! Just like with humans, how you choose to fuel your body can have a massive impact on your performance, health and well-being. It stands to reason that if you feed your dog a healthy, well balanced diet they’ll receive the nutrients and vitamins they require to hopefully live a long and happy life.

When Poppy partially ruptured her cruciate ligament last year, I was told that turmeric can reduce inflammation and promote healing. I started to add it into her diet, just in powder form, the type you use in cooking.

However, more recently I’ve been doing a bit of research into a formula called Golden Paste (also known as Turmeric paste) A turmeric based blend of coconut oil, and ground black pepper.

You can make this concoction at home yourself. However, all the recipes I found online seemed to differ slightly, leaving me somewhat confused as to what the ingredients and ratios should actually be.

Therefore, when I came across Cobbydog’s new Cold Pressed Dog Food with TurmerAid I was delighted that all the mixing and measuring had been done for me!

Cobbydog Cold Pressed Dog Food
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How Can the TurmerAid in CobbyDog Help My Dog’s Joints?

Unlike most herbal remedies turmeric has been clinically proven in scientific tests to have incredible anti-inflammatory properties. So it comes as no surprise that it can have a multitude of health benefits for our canine companions.

Not only is it good for those in their more senior years, as it helps support normal joint function, but it also helps to maintain a healthy, glossy coat, helps the joints to recover after exercise and reduces inflammation.

What is Cobbydog Cold Pressed Dog Food?

I changed Poppy onto a cold pressed diet earlier this year after having read the nutritional benefits. I’ve never fed her a raw diet to date, but I was keen for her to have as natural a diet as possible. Cold pressed food is reported to be the next best thing to raw feeding.

Unlike dry extruded kibble type food, cold pressed food releases nutrients more slowly. It doesn’t swell in your dog’s stomach. This is because it dissolves from the outside in, meaning it doesn’t expand and cause potential bloating.

Cobbydog Cold Pressed Dog Food with TurmerAid
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Cobbydog contains only human grade meat

Cobbydog Optimum Chicken Cold Pressed dog food is made in the UK using 100% natural ingredients. All of which are listed on the packaging, along with the nutritional additives. I really like this transparency, so that you know exactly what your dog’s eating.

Chicken makes up 42% of the ingredients, and unlike in many dog foods, only human grade meat is used. The process of cold pressing ensures that all the ingredients maintain as much nutritional value and goodness as possible. The ingredients are mixed together with cold water, then pressed under a low heat for a very short amount of time.

Cobbydog Optimum Cold Pressed Dog Food with TurmerAid

Introduce Cobbydog food gradually

Although I have been feeding Pops a Cold Pressed diet for a while, I introduced Cobbydog into her diet gradually, as is recommended. As I feed her two different types of food anyway it was easy to make the transition. The dog food does smell quite strong, but that certainly didn’t put Poppy off! In fact, quite the opposite, she loves it, and my girl can be quite fussy when it comes to food!

It took us several brands of cold pressed food to find one that she would eat. Ironically, she always loved the free taster-sized packs, but when I invested in a whole bag she went off it!! [She’s not known as princess Poppy for no reason!] 

What goes in, must come out!

I guess us dog owners always know ultimately whether a dog food is agreeing with our pupsters by what comes out the other end!!

Since feeding Cobbydog, which has only been for one week so far, I’ve seen an improvement in the consistency and size of Poppy’s poo already! Not that she’s ever had issues in this area (thank goodness!) but her stools are definitely firmer and slightly smaller than previously.

[Honestly, she’d die with embarrassment if she knew I was disclosing this information to you!] I guess this could be down to the Yucca in the food that aids digestion. Also, the food consists of quality ingredients and no grain, so the body absorbs more goodness and has less to get rid of.

Cobbydog Optimum Cold Pressed Dog Food with TurmerAid

Would I recommend switching to CobbyDog?

If you’re thinking of changing your dog’s food, or contemplating a cold pressed diet, I would certainly recommend considering Cobbydog. It seems to tick all the boxes in terms of nutrition, taste and health benefits too. For me it’s the TurmerAid which definitely gives it the edge on similar products.

You can buy Cobbydog food direct from their website in 3kg, 5kg or 10kg bags, or from a local stockists. Their website is incredibly informative so it’s worth checking out to see what food is most suited to your dog.

If you’re wondering whether TurmerAid would be suitable for your dog they have a dedicated Advice Line. (01423 503319).

Use DOTTY10 at the checkout for a 10% discount.

Cobbydog Optimum Chicken Cold Pressed Dog Food with TurmerAid

A huge thank you to Cobbydog for gifting Poppy this food in exchange for our review. Visit Cobbydog’s listing here.

Woof and Wags

Kate and Pops


2 thoughts on “Cobbydog Cold Pressed Dog Food

  1. Lorraine naulls says:

    Hi I have 2 maltese 1 age 8 an 1 nearly 12 ï was just wondering if this food was small enough for my dogs to eat I wanted to try the 1 with tumeride in it for my elderly dog who has trouble getting up from a laying position an only walks slowly when we go out
    Also do u not do a trial pack.
    Thanks lorraine naulls

    • Kate Taylor says:

      Hi Lorraine,
      Thanks for getting in touch. I’m pretty sure it is suitable for all ages, but if you contact Cobbydog they should be able to advise.
      They do sample packs, so if you get in touch they’ll send you one.
      This is their email: [email protected]

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