Being crazy about dogs and keen to do our bit when it comes to saving the planet, we interviewed Collar Club – The Eco-Friendly Dog Subscription Box.

Collar Club Dog Subscription Box

There’s no doubt about it, us Brits are a nation of pet lovers. Showering our furry friends with love and affection has been long part of our everyday lives. Yet, in recent years, this trend is going a step further, and many of us are now showering them with gifts too. Not just on birthdays and special occasions, but on a monthly basis!

Collar Club Subscription Box for Dogs

It’s estimated that the average dog owner now spends a whopping £240 a month on pampering their pooch. [I have to be honest, if I take into account Poppy’s monthly insurance premium I’m probably not far off that average!] 

The question is though, are you spending your money wisely?

The latest craze is pet subscription boxes. You spend a set amount to receive a box of goodies, containing treats, toys and other accessories that gets delivered to your door each month.

However, like so many things that try to tempt us to part with our hard earned cash, they vary enormously in quality and indeed ethics.

Collar Club Doggy Subscription Box

Pampering your pooch and protecting the planet

With many of us already trying our best to reduce plastic waste and consider the effect our lifestyles are having on the planet, are there ways we can be reducing our pup’s plastic paw print too?

Collar Club set up in business just over a year ago and one of the main values behind their business model is sustainability and ethics. Over the last twelve months or so, I’ve watched their business go from strength to strength.

They have listened to customer feedback and adjusted and tweaked things along the way. What’s more they are constantly striving to develop and improve their product, ensuring it ticks all the boxes when it comes to value for money, quality and sustainability.

So what sets them apart from the rest? We caught up with Jo and her gorgeous sidekick Winston [who, by the way Poppy dog is rather fond of!] to find out.

Collar Club Sustainable Subscription Box
Finding New Favourites!

What inspired you to start Collar Club?

I was inspired to start Collar Club mainly as a result of months of searching for dog products that matched my own personal ethos regarding natural products. I came across some amazing companies with gorgeous natural products, and wanted to shout about them.

My day job is in ethics and sustainability so I knew that no matter what business I started, that had to be a key focus. I had always wanted to start a natural beauty subscription box but my heart just wasn’t in it – I found trying to find products that appealed to all people was quite difficult and very tiring.

When I saw the joy from happy dogs with their first Collar Club boxes – I knew this was the industry for me!

Collar Club Natural Dog Treats
Testing the ‘crunch’ factor!

In what ways are your subscription boxes eco friendly?

So we try our best to be as eco-friendly as possible; but there are always ways for improvement. Firstly, all of the Collar Club packaging is completely plastic free – from the tape, the boxes, and the filler. Something as simple as a sticker can be super difficult to find without plastic!

Any of the toys that we provide will have some form of sustainable credentials. Whether they are made from natural materials or recyclable – lots of thought goes into choosing the right toys. One of the biggest environmental issues is waste which is really difficult to address.  We pick toys that will last a long time rather then being thrown out.

How are you different to other subscription boxes?

We focus on introducing products from brands that are just coming onto the scene and champion those that are doing the best they can to be eco-friendly.

Aside from that we love to think that our boxes can break the bad name of subscription products! You can pause and skip your subscription to suit your life, and we offer varied delivery schedules too. This is great for people that want to join us but don’t necessarily want a box every month.

They are completely customisable to your dog, so can take account of any allergies they may have.

Collar Club Natural Dog Treats
Enjoying a mid-walkies snack!

What is the most unusual recycled material you’ve come across that has been used to make dog toys?

To be honest, most dog toys are created from recycled plastics, usually plastic bottles. I do have some other projects in the pipeline though and for these I am looking at some really unusual materials, including one made from used coffee grounds and one made from pineapple leaves!

Collar Club Doggy Subscription Box

What can we do as consumers to ensure we follow in your eco friendly footsteps?

As someone who works in this industry day in day out, it’s so confusing and difficult for consumers to make the right choice. I recently read somewhere that we don’t need a few people living the perfect zero waste life, but millions trying the hardest to live more sustainably.

This is really important for people to remember as small life choices can make a huge difference! The sustainability hierarchy is reduce, reuse, recycle… so actually, reducing your impact is the best thing you can do!

If we apply this to being a pet owner you can buy products such as poo bags and food in bulk to reduce packaging and buy high quality toys and bedding which will last a really long time to reduce waste.

Also think about the containers that your dogs food and treats come in – if they are plastic that’s not always a bad thing; as long as they can be recycled! Look out for hard trays with the recyclable symbol on them.

Collar Club Dog Subscription Box

A huge thank you to Jo for answering our questions, I know that it’s certainly given me a lot of food for thought when it comes to being more eco conscious.

You may have guessed that Pops and I are huge fans of Collar Club! Let’s be honest I’m not going to review a product for the second time [you can read our previous review here] if I didn’t believe they were great value for money and worth every penny.

If you fancy treating your pup to a Collar Club Subscription box, use our code CCDOTTY30 to receive a pawsome 30% discount off your first purchase – I can promise you, you won’t be disappointed.

We’ve had several Collar Club boxes now and they are such a great way to try new products that you won’t find on the high street.  In fact we’ve discovered a few new firm favourites, many of which can be purchased separately in their online shop.

Collar Club Canine Subscription Box

If you’ve tried a doggy subscription box, we would love to hear your thoughts. Why not leave us a comment below?

Woofs and Wags
Kate and Pops

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