Collar Club are a new monthly subscription box for dogs. Their key focus is on ethical toys made from recycled or natural materials, and dog treats that are 100% natural and free from any unpronounceable nasties. 

Collar Box Subscription Box for Dogs

Delivered direct to your door every month between 4th – 8th, it’s the perfect way to try new products and to pamper your pup on a regular basis [after all, they can never be too pampered right?]  But, the big question is… a subscription box worth the money? Will it be suitable for my dog? And would I not be better off choosing products I know my dog likes?

Chicken Chews For Dogs
So, what’s in the box?

Collar Club like to keep a certain element of surprise each month, which let’s face it, is all part of the fun! They promise that no two months will ever be the same, but guarantee that in every box you can expect to find the following:-

  • One carefully selected dog toy, assured to be non toxic and free from harmful chemicals. (The majority of toys are made from natural materials, or materials that can be recycled when your dog has finished with them).
  • A selection of 100% natural treats, usually one meat and one fish based. (No artificial colourings, flavourings or additives).
  • One tasty natural chew or chewy toy.
  • In every box there will also be some surprise items! These may include doggy grooming products (all of which are free from synthetic ingredients such as SLS, Parabens or artificial fragrances), doggy accessories and even recipe cards so you and your furry friend can enjoy making your very own natural treats together!

The surprise in our box was some soap from Coconut Blush [which I was delighted about as I’ve wanted to try their products for a while].

Dog Soap

Each box comes complete with a handy little menu card detailing the products inside – such a great idea as it tells you the ingredients in the treats, which is brilliant if your dog has allergies. It also gives you information about the eco friendly toys and what they’re made from [pretty interesting, if nothing else, to learn more about how our household recycling gets put to good use and what natural products can be used to make dog toys!] 

Menu Card
You choose your box based on the size of your dog, and this will determine the contents so they are most suitable for your pup. Also, if your dog has allergies, these can be taken into account during the check out process when you place your order, so everything has been thought through to ensure your canine companion gets the products most appropriate for them.

Treat Ball for Dogs

Pops and I had the most fun packed afternoon ever taking all the photos for this blog – the look on her little face as I kept taking yet another surprise out of the box was just priceless, she thought all her Christmases had come at once! 

Natural Dog Treats

Fish Dog Treats
The big question… a subscription box worth it?

So, I think the biggest question with subscription boxes is whether they offer good value for money. Me being me, I had to find out! All in all the products themselves were about the same value as if you’d have bought them individually, however [and this is a big BUT!], this did not take account of the postage on individual items. With some of the items I checked, the postage alone was almost £6, so if you take this into consideration, then you benefit from a substantial saving by opting for the monthly subscription box. Plus, it saved a lot of time…..going to the shops, choosing the products [which you’d be highly unlikely to find all in one shop being as they’ve been carefully selected for their ethical qualities]. Everything has been done for you and what’s more, all the items are a surprise which makes them a million times more exciting in my opinion and gives you something to look forward to every month.

Alligator Dog Toy Beco Pets
I think what I love most, is that it’s made me try brands I’d never even considered. Now Pops is terrier teeth extraordinaire! To be honest I’d pretty much given up buying her toys because she just destroys them in a matter of minutes! But the toys in this box have made me reconsider. Made by Beco, they claim to be super tough, [infact some of their toys come with a money back guarantee] and whilst poor ‘Aretha the Alligator’ has taken take rather a beating, she has lasted significantly longer than any of Poppy’s other toys and Pops has had hours of fun destroying her and leaving alligator stuffing all over the house!!

Alligator Dog Toy

Alligator Dog Toys
All in all, we were super impressed with the Collar Subscription box, all the items were of excellent quality, and if you are someone who loves to spoil your pooch [let’s face it, who doesn’t!] and likes to try new treats and toys, I’d say this is definitely worth the money for £32.99 a month. What’s more, we have a cheeky little discount code for you, so you can try your first box at a reduced price. Use code CCDOTTY30 to get 30% off your first order. There’s no tie in, and you can cancel your subscription if you find it’s not for you, so why not give them a try? Oh and if you do, we’d LOVE to hear what you think.

Ball Treat Dispenser for Dogs

Liver Dog Treats
A huge thanks to the lovely Jo from Collar Club for letting us review your fabulous subscription box. 

Love Kate and Pops

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