We were recently approached by Fido’s Nest [just the name sounds enticing doesn’t it?] to see if Pops would like to test out their new range of luxury dog beds – obviously, we didn’t need asking twice!

Fidos Nest Crib Dog Bed

Now, if you share your life with a canine companion, you will know that one of the things they do best is sleep! The average, healthy dog will spend 12-14 hours a day sleeping (obviously this amount varies depending on breed, age, size and activity level), so having a comfy bed in which to slumber is vitally important to their health and well being.

Over the years Poppy has sampled a countless number of dog beds, but regardless of how much I’ve spent on them, she’s always been far more partial to the human bed! I swear she’s a hum-og [half human, half dog!] 

Fidos Nest Sage Green Crib Dog Bed

However, as the grumpy teenage years are starting to set in, I can’t help noticing that she is becoming more fond of her own space! When I say teenage years, I’m talking in terms of human years – yes, in August my girl will turn thirteen!

Fidos Nest Sage Green Luxury Dog Bed

At night, Pops will always start off in, or on, the human bed acting rather like a big furry bolster in between Mr T and myself. [It’s amazing how much of the bed a relatively small dog can take up when they put their mind to it!]  However these days, it only takes the twitch of a big toe from one of her inconsiderate humans, and amidst a chorus of grumbling and growling, she retreats to her own quarters next to me in her bed on the floor! [She’s not earned the nickname Princess Poppy for nothing!]

Fidos Nest Luxury Pillow Dog Bed

Who are Fido’s Nest?

Fido’s Nest launched in 2018, and as well as being an eco friendly brand, they were determined to conker many of the problems associated with other dog beds that have gone before them. 

The brand is inspired by a rather im’paw’tant influencer, Colin the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, who is susceptible to allergies.

Fidos Nest Luxury Dog Bed

Dogs, as we know, can suffer from many different sensitivities, just like us humans, so Fido’s Nest set about creating a hypoallergenic dog bed suitable for their dear Colin and other pups! In fact they’ve written a fabulous blog all about the sneezes and wheezes that our canine companions can endure, which you can read here.

Fidos Nest Luxury Dog Beds

Fido’s Nest beds provide an environment which is inhospitable to pests. This means that little critters like dust mites, ticks and fleas, which may previously have been found lurking in your dogs bedding, are a thing of the past.

Their range of beds come with a choice of filling – hollow fibre or wool, which by its very nature regulates your dog’s body temperature allowing them a comfortable nights sleep.

Fidos Nest Luxury Pillow Dog Beds

Which Nest to Choose!

Choosing which bed to go for was rather like being a kid in a sweet shop! The colours that Fido’s Nest offer are just gorgeous – bright, bold, vibrant blocks of colour – the perfect addition to any room! Let’s face it, no room is complete without a cozy looking dog bed, right?!

Fidos Nest Dog Bed

After much deliberating, I opted for a pillow bed in Periwinkle Blue and a crib bed in Sage green – I know lucky Pops, we got to compare to see which one she liked best!

The beds arrived very promptly and were packaged in large brown bags made from recycled paper, something which instantly impressed me – so many parcels arrive in unnecessary packaging, even despite our, so say, environmentally conscious society.

Fidos Nest Pillow Dog Bed

The Pillow Bed

Becky, the curator behind this fab brand, had warned me that Poppy may take a while to adjust to the pillow bed due to the amount of filling in it. She need not have worried as Pops was trying to lie on it before I’d even had a chance to unpack it properly! It is most definitely a winner!

The pillow beds come with a removable cover which is made from a hard-wearing durable denim fabric, tough enough to withstand the sharpest of claws and any amount of digging! [Poppy does love to have a good old dig before settling on her ultimate position!] Filled with a deep filling of your choice (hollow fibre or wool) Fido’s really do provide the perfect nest for your dog. 

Fidos Nest Blue Pillow Dog Bed

I will be honest, most of the dog beds that I’ve purchased in the past have been as much for their aesthetic benefit as anything else! However, in her more senior years, I’ve started to notice that Pops can be a bit stiffer on her legs at times, so providing a bed that offers more support for her joints is something that’s been on my radar for a while. Fido’s Nest products most certainly tick this box, providing the perfect support for my girl in her older age.

Fidos Nest Comfy Dog Bed

The bed covers are made from 100% cotton and are easily removable – this allows for washing, drying or changing the cover. [If you’re anything like me, you may have spotted a few colours you fancy to ring the changes – they are all so tempting!] The cushion inners are also fully washable, which is a real selling point – after all when you have a bed that looks this good you don’t want it smelling of Eau de Dog!!

The Crib Bed

The Crib Bed is only available in sage green at the moment, but as luck would have it, it’s the perfect match for our living room and kitchen so it couldn’t be better! 

Just like the Pillow Bed, it is made to the highest quality, with discreet stitching and a stylish brown leather label bearing the Fido’s Nest logo.

Fidos Nest Designer Dog Bed

Most of Poppy’s past beds have been this crib style and I have to say, she does rather like to rest her head on the soft cushioned sides as she nods off! That said, she also loves to sprawl out on the pillow style bed, so it’s lovely to have both options available [I can see where the saying ‘it’s a dogs life’ comes from!]

Eco Friendly Fido

Both styles of bed are available in three different sizes – small, medium and large. In both cases I opted for the medium size for Pops which are just perfect.

I am so impressed with the quality of the Fido’s Nest beds and they are most certainly built to last. That said, they really have considered everything in their design to ensure they adhere to their eco-friendly standards. With their 100% cotton covers and wool-filled cushions, their beds are entirely biodegradable. Meaning when it’s time for a replacement you can dispose of the bed with a clear conscience, knowing it will have no adverse effects on the environment.

Fidos Nest Designer Dog Bed

I already know of one Dotty customer who has purchased a Fido’s Nest Bed after seeing one of our posts on social media, but I’d love to know if you’re tempted too. In terms of comfort, health and style they are just the perfect all rounder – we are definitely a #fidosfriend, are you?

Fidos Nest Stylish Dog Bed

Fido’s Nest are generously offering a 25% discount to Dotty customers – use code ‘dotty4paws’ at the checkout.

A huge thank you to Fido’s Nest for gifting us these products in return for an honest review.

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