Have you ever wondered what your dog gets up to when you’re away from home? Well, now you don’t have to wonder any more, as with the new Furbo Dog Camera, you can keep an eye on your furry friend at all times and find out just what mischief they really get up to when you’re out!

Furbo Dog Camera

The Ultimate Dog Spy Cam!

Poppy is very lucky in that she is rarely left on her own, as most of the time I work from home. Ever since puppyhood she has suffered from separation anxiety and has never enjoyed being left, so this Furbo Dog Camera is a real god-send as it means I can check in on her and make sure she’s okay.

In all honesty, we are very well suited, I’m not sure who frets more when we’re not together, me or her! [They say dogs are like their owners]. I often return home to discover my slipper or sock on her favourite sofa where she’s been cuddling it to remain close to my scent! [I can think of things I’d rather cuddle than my slippers!] 

Furbo Dog Camera Review

Talk to Your Dog Through The Furbo Dog Camera

Not only does the Furbo Dog Camera allow you to see your dog and spy on what they’re up to, but it also allows you to speak to your dog via the built-in microphone and dispense treats! It really is all singing, all dancing! Not only that, but its sleek finish and style means that it looks good on display in your home – and is a great conversation starter when people come round!

Furbo Dog Camera

Setting up the Furbo Dog Camera

From the packaging it arrives in, to the simplicity of setting it up, the Furbo Dog Camera really does exude quality, comparative to that of Apple products. The Furbo is linked by an app on your phone, and even the worst of technophobes would cope with the set up process I can assure you! Once you’ve plugged in the Furbo, it’ll ask you to download the app and it guides you through the step by step instructions, which takes about 3 minutes. In fact they even send you an email incase you need any further support – they really have thought of everything.

Furbo Dog Camera Dogblog

Top Quality

The quality of the Furbo Dog Camera is also far superior to anything similar I’ve tried in the past. The image quality is superb as it’s in HD and with a wide screen lens it allows you to see most of the room it’s positioned in – good also for watching your husband trying to sniff out ‘hidden’ chocolate bars in the kitchen cupboards!!

At night it has an infrared setting (which it automatically switches to) so that you can still see your dog in the dark. This facility would be so useful if your dog sleeps in a different room from you, Poppy on the other hand is firmly under the duvet – wedged like a bolster in between me and Mr T! [Albeit a growling bolster at times!!] 

Furbo Dog Camera

The camera allows you to take still images as well, so if you’re particularly entertained by your dogs antics, you can capture the moment forever! The Furbo has a light at the base of the machine which acts as a status indicator, super useful if for any reason you loose WiFi connection.

Furbo Dog Camera Blog
Keeping Guard!

The Furbo Doig Camera Dispenses Treats at the Click of a Button

The Furbo Dog Camera can hold up to 100 small treats at a time. They even send you a little bag of treats – beautifully wrapped and personalised I may add – so you know what sized treats are suitable.

Providing you have internet access you can access the Furbo app and see your dog at anytime – it will even send you a message to alert you if your dog is barking. By pressing the biscuit icon on the app, it tosses your furry friend a treat – it really so simple to operate, we’re highly impressed.

Furbo Treat Dispenser

Furbo Dog Camera
Just Checking Mum fills it up properly!

Now I will be honest, I did wonder how Poppy would react to the Furbo Dog Camera at first! She is renowned for being a big scaredy-cat, even if we’re out walking and something unusual is in our path, she will take a mile diversion to avoid it! Initially I positioned the Furbo Dog Camera on the floor so it was at nose level, however much as she was very inquisitive [what dog wouldn’t be when they can smell treats] she did hide from the machine every time it ‘fired’ a treat!! I moved it up to worktop height and suddenly it was a lot less scary, Furbo was her new best friend!

Furbo Dog Camera
Hungry Eyes – Never fail to work!

Due to the fact you can communicate with your dog through the Furbo, I would definitely advise that you get your dog accustomed to it whilst you are in the house with them – I can imagine some dogs being quite freaked out by a talking white ornament, even if it does fire tasty treats! Also, for practicality reasons it needs to be positioned out of reach, otherwise I’m sure some clever pooches would be able to open the canister and gobble up all the contents!! [We all know how cunning our furry friends can be when it comes to food!]

Furbo Dog Treat Dispenser

Is the Furbo Dog Camera worth the money?

The Furbo Dog Camera really is an impressive piece of kit and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is anxious, or intrigued, about leaving their dog alone. It is quite an investment, but it is provides you with reassurance that your canine companion is safe and well and you really cannot put a price on that. At the moment they are selling for £199 on Amazon and are a best seller, not surprisingly.

Furbo Dog Camera

We are so grateful and feel very privileged to have been asked by Karkalis Communications to write this review of the Furbo Dog Camera for them – as you’ve probably guessed, it’s been awarded a definite paws up from us.

Woofs and Wags

Kate and Pops


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