Little Paws sell an approved range of natural dog grooming products and dog pamper boxes. We’ve been putting some of their products to the test in our latest blog.

Dog In Bandana

I always maintain that Poppy is a hum-og! Half human, half dog and her love of baths confirms this!

Unlike most canines of the species, she hates being dirty. In fact when we’re out on walkies, she will take a huge diversion just to avoid a muddy puddle!

Soggy Doogy Doormat and Drying Mitts

So it’ll come as no surprise that she really quite enjoys a soak in the tub! After all, when you spend more time in the big bed than your humans, you have to abide by a certain level of cleanliness!

Who Are Little Paws?

We’ve been busy welcoming lots of new listings to our website over the last month, one of which is Little Paws Dog Care. Little Paws are a dog grooming salon based in Castle Douglas, who also sell an approved range of natural dog grooming products and pamper boxes.

Dog In Bath

All of the carefully selected products are tried and tested in their salon, and are gentle on dogs skin and free from any nasty, unpronounceable chemicals.

When they got in touch and asked if we would review a selection of the their products, we were naturally eager to oblige.

The products arrive packaged in a neat little box, making it the perfect gift for a dog-loving friend or relative.

Dog Grooming Gift Hamper

Here are the products we tried…..

Paw Naturel Dog Shampoo – 3 x 30ml bottles

Paw Naturel are a premium, vegan friendly brand of natural dog shampoo. As you’d expect from a brand with high moral values, their products are tested on humans, not animals, and they offer a range of subtle fragrances that promise to leave your pooch smelling fresh and feeling squeaky clean.

Paw Naturel Dog Shampoo

We were sent the Lemon Grass, Flower Power and Fragrance Free varieties to try. We plucked to try the Lemon Grass one first, which proved to be our favourite of all. The shampoo was easy to use, lathered up just enough [I’m not one for excess bubbles!] and was easy to rinse off. Pops has really thick fur, and I’ve found that some shampoos are really quite hard to wash off her thoroughly. It certainly got a good test – I think it was the muckiest day so far this year, so a double bath was in order!

Dog In Bath

Jimmy Chew Blossom from PetPerfume Boutique 

Now we’ve all been there, had an important social event where our dog is coming along too and they roll in something unsavoury just as you’re about to leave the house!

Before Princess Poppy begins to defend herself at this point, this has never happened to her, [thankfully she hates rolling!] but it did happen with our first little dog Daisy! 

I remember it well, I was teaching at the time and it was the first inset day back after the Summer holidays. We’d not long had Daisy and so I took her in to meet all my colleagues. Only problem being that she decided to roll in something ‘foxy’ on the playing field just before our afternoon meetings! She reeked!! There was no time to take her home, and I couldn’t risk her spreading ‘eau de fox’ all over my car, so we had to sit next to the staff room door, away from everyone else, like two naughty school children!

If only I’d have known then about PetPerfume it might have saved my embarrassment! 

Dog Perfume

Pops is never a fan of having anything sprayed on her [I suppose if you’re a dog, it is a little disconcerting!], but I have to say, once on, the smell of the perfume lingers for a long time on Poppy’s fur which quite surprised me. The perfume is chemical and alcohol free, and is made using natural ingredients and high quality perfume oils. It comes in a handy 10ml size, so is just perfect to keep in your handbag should you meet any pawtential doggy dates when you’re out and about!

Chellys Nose and Paw Balm

The last of the beauty products to try was Chellys Dogmetics Nose and Paw balm.

It comes packaged in a convenient lipstick style dispenser, making it the perfect accessory to take away with you. 

Chellys Dogmetics Nose and Paw Balm

Pops and I have tried other paw and nose balms in the past and this compared well. Unlike some of the other balms we’ve tried it doesn’t leave greasy marks on furniture and flooring (providing you rub it in thoroughly), and leaves paw pads feeling soft and supple. 

It doesn’t have much a fragrance, which given that dogs have very sensitive little hooters, isn’t a bad thing and there were certainly no complaints from Poppy!

Bowtie and Bandana

With Poppy having a well established reputation in the world of Instagram for being a canine fashionista, we were delighted to discover that our package included a handmade bowtie and bandana. The bowtie is included in the gift boxes, and the bandanas are available separately to order in a range of sizes and colour ways.

Dog In Bandana

I opted for a pink bowtie – something bright, cheery and girlie! As you can see from the photos she was more than happy posing away! We always receive so many comments from people when we’re out and about – they can never believe how long she’ll pose for! She loves it!!

A huge thank you to Little Paws for sending us some of your products to try. 

Woofs and Wags

Kate and Pops


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