It’s a little while since I last posted anything on Dotty’s blog, so I thought I give you a little update on Bert the Tortoise!

He’s been resident for just over a month and I’m pleased to say Poppy seems to be adjusting to his presence – notice how I don’t use the word accepting!

Bert has well and truly found freedom and loves to roam around the garden – rustling in the undergrowth and eating all the nice juicy buds on my geraniums! You can normally find him ambling around followed by a little black nose in hot pursuit.

Poppy watches him with intrigue when he has his daily bath (which I’m pleased to say is now in his own tray), and Poppy, like me, I’m sure questions Rob’s sanity when he holds full blown (one sided – before you think I’ve cracked too!) conversations with Bert as he’s being bathed!

She has however learnt that owning a tortoise does have its advantages in that we need to pick Bert’s daily fodder of bind weed from the field, which inevitably means walkies and ball throwing….so it really does seem that we have peace at last!!

Bert’s even becoming quite a useful companion when I’m updating the website, in fact I feel rather like the detective on Death in Paradise with his lizard, only a shame I’m not living on a tropical island!!

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