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Included in your 100ml tin is 42 hearts 73g in total Essential oil wax melts have many benefits for pet owners and their fur families.. Benefits of Lemongrass: Lemongrass has an uplifting effect. Antibacterial properties. Has a fresh deodorising scent. Promotes feelings of peace and tranquility. Excellent at keeping insects away. Can help with anxiety and depression. Excellent doggy smell neutraliser with the added benefit of aromatherapy. Relax in Comfort with Our Real Life Scents


We have infused aromatherapy grade purest & safest essential oil which are safe you and dog loving homes. Our hearts come in a silver reusable 100g tin and the scent lasts for around 3-6 hours depending on room size and type of burner / warmer used. Included in your 100g tin is 42 hearts 73g in total Essential oil wax melts have many benefits for pet owners and their fur families.


Sweet Orange (Citrus Sinensis) A Beautiful smell associated with freshly Squeezed Oranges. Hand made essential oil heart shaped wax melts created using natures soy wax and the purest essential oil. A range of wax melts which we believe are one of the cleanest on the market today.


Try Our 5 Selected Dog Friendly Essential Oil Wax Melts in One Box. Scents Include: Lemongrass for those wet doggy days Sweet Orange For those energetic days Grapefruit for those staying in and cleaning up type of days Cedarwood for those tension type of days and the amazing Lavender for those relaxing, calming type of days


Get back to nature with our real life scents.Premium aromatherapy wax melts,Our natural products are great at reducing stress & anxiety.They can help you get a better nights sleep,help with insomnia/sleep deprivation and much more


Pawfect for helping to keep your dog calmer on bonfire night. Sadly, 3 out of 5 dogs suffer from stress or Anxiety due to the sudden loud bangs and flashing lights that are caused by fireworks. Its a very distressing time for both you and your dog at this time of year.