So I promised you an update on how Poppy was getting on with our new member of the household, Bert the Tortoise, well…..

He’s been with us almost a week now and whilst there is a lot of effort on Bert’s side to bond with Poppy (staggering across the grass to greet her at any given occasion!), I can quite simply say the affection has not been reciprocated!!

The incessant lip licking (try saying that out loud!), muffled woofing and constant staring has not subsided at all. In fact Poppy can frequently be found sulking on the back door mat, waiting to check if Bert is still in existence.  Sometimes, I can’t blame her …. since Bert’s arrival I rarely see my husband, he seems confined to the lawn or the garage, either cradling the tortoise in his arms or bathing him.

Yes, that’s something I didn’t appreciate before we got a tortoise, that they require a daily bath – apparently it has to be either in my Denby casserole dish, or my large frying pan – not to mention being lightly massaged on his shell with my pastry brush!

Actually, there’s a little trivia question you may be able to help with…do tortoises smell? It may seem a strange question to ask, but Poppy can sniff him out anywhere in the garden! ??

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