When she’s not chasing a tennis ball across a field at a hundred miles an hour, Poppy dog’s favourite pastime is being a snuggle monster! Yes, not unlike her mum, she loves her sleep – I can see why they say dogs are like their humans!


So when I came across Dee Stringer the amazing talent and inspiration behind Slumbering Hound, I decided it was time Poppy needed a new bed in her life – any excuse to spoil my girl! Slumbering Hound’s beautiful fabrics and cosy designs, were just too much for me to resist – that along with the many adorable images of pampered pooches enjoying Dee’s handiwork!

IMG_5333I deliberated, for what seemed like a ridiculous amount of time, over which bed design and colour to go for as they all look so enticing on the Slumbering Hound website (just take a look for yourself, you’ll see exactly what I mean!) We are currently in the process of doing an extension on our house, and I wanted Poppy’s new bed to be a real feature in our utility room so it had be exactly right (well the rest of our lives revolve around Poppy, so why not our decor too is my thinking!) After contacting Dee and asking for her advice, (she was so obliging and helpful) I opted for a cushion bed in light grey, with a separate fleece blanket in Charcoal Grey. The lovely thing about having something handmade and bespoke, is that it can be tailor-made to you, and honestly I could not be more delighted with Poppy’s order (and it’s safe to say, neither could she!)


I am so impressed with the quality of Dee’s handiwork, it is simply first class. Poppy’s order arrived beautifully presented, wrapped in paw print tissue paper, with a handwritten postcard inside, adding that all important personal touch which I just love. (I had to share a photo of the postcard with you, as we recognised a couple of our furry social media friends – Woody from The Cotswold Spaniels and Ted from Twilight Bark – aren’t they just super cute?!)


Each item comes with its own Slumbering Hound sewn in tag and threaded through is a detachable label (making it just perfect to give as a gift – if you can bear to part with it of course!!) It’s obvious that Dee takes so much care over her work – even the reverse side of Poppy’s cushion is neatly finished with a contrasting edging strip – her products really are in a class of their own.



Slumbering Hound’s personalised dog breed cushions come with an appliqué dog design to match the breed of your pooch (such a lovely touch). You can also have your dog’s name included too if you so wish, and as for the practicalities, the cushion cover can be removed and washed at 30 degrees – in fact you can even purchase the cover and cushion insert separately if you need replacements. 


The cushion itself is just so comfortable, it’s deep filled with a hollow fibre stuffing making it super soft and cosy to nestle into. I have a feeling Poppy may be sneaking downstairs in the night to sleep on it, rather than fighting for her space in the human bed upstairs!! I can’t say I’d blame her, I tell you what if Dee made human-sized beds, I’d be first in the queue!!


I wanted the colour of the fleece blanket to match the bed so that they could be used together, or separately, depending on what purpose I was using it for. The blanket is so lovely and big, not to mention soft and snugly, that it’s just perfect for Poppy and I to snuggle under on the sofa together. The blanket measures 170cm x 130cm so it’s a really great size, and the thing I love about fleece blankets, as opposed to woollen ones, is that they can be washed so easily, it makes them so much more practical.


As a special gift, just for Poppy, Dee had sent her a bandana as a little surprise which I really will treasure forever. Again the quality of the material and the stitching is just fabulous, and even on an item this small, Dee has still branded her products with the cutest little paw print tag. 

IMG_5338So if you’re looking to really pamper your furry friend, sniff out Slumbering Hound for the ultimate in quality dog accessories. It’s definitely not going to be our last purchase – I’ve already got my eye on a Deluxe Dog Snuggle Sack – well after all, a dog can never have too many accessories right?! ?

I hope you enjoyed reading our review, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Love Kate and Poppy xx (oh and Bert ?, he always moans that he rarely gets a mention!!)

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