In our latest product review we put The Weekend Warrior Harness and Lead by Hurtta to the test.

Dog Wearing Lead and Harness

As a self confessed dog-crazy lady, I obviously love all aspects of sharing my life with Poppy dog, but for me one of the highlights has to be our daily dog walks. It doesn’t matter what else is going on in the world, come rain or shine our daily walkies are the best excuse to get out and about, take in the fresh air and enjoy a bit of ‘us’ time.

Hurtta Dog Harness

Pops and I love our daily adventures – exploring woodlands, downland and fields, with the odd paddle in the river thrown in for good measure! Whilst Pops is no mud monster, I like her walking accessories to be practical, durable and weatherproof. So when we were asked by K9Active to put the Hurtta Harness and Lead to the test, how could we refuse!

Dog Walking Accessories

If you follow us on Instagram, you’ll know that I love taking photos of Pops posing in bandanas and bow ties [well in fairness, I just love taking photos of her – I’m that woman with a million dog pics on my phone!], but when it comes to tearing through meadows and racing through rivers, you need accessories that are hard-wearing and designed to last.

Dog Wearing a Lead

As luck would have it, Summer seemed to (finally) put in an appearance just in time to road test our new Hurtta Harness and Lead. So off we headed – armed with my camera, Poppy’s favourite ball and some tasty treats to put this product through its paces.

Dog Walks Wiltshire

I have to be honest I’ve never tried walking Pops with a harness before, so this was a first for us both. Living in the country, we are very fortunate to have miles upon miles of open space to explore and Poppy spends her walks ambling and sniffing about to her hearts content off the lead.

Waterproof Dog Apparel

The Weekend Warrior Harness

The Weekend Warrior Harness by Hurtta comes in a range of colours, but on this occasion I opted for the Currant – I always think purple tones compliment Poppy’s fur so well!

This product is designed for the intrepid explorer and constructed with both comfort and functionality in mind. With two side release buckles, it makes it incredibly easy to get on and off, without the need to lift your dogs front legs, and with adjustable straps you can tailor it to fit your dog perfectly.

Reflective Dog Harness

The outer material is made from a soft polyester and finished with Hurtta’s protective Houndtex lamination, which keeps the product looking new for longer. It is lined with a breathable mesh, which not only makes the harness more comfortable, as it prevents chaffing, but it also allows air to circulate so that your dog doesn’t get too hot.

The Weekend Warrior Harness by Hurtta Review

I have to say I really liked the fit of the harness and it didn’t slip around at all despite being put well and truly to the test as Poppy raced through the water after her ball! It also looks really attractive and with reflectors and reflective piping, makes this product incredibly safe when visibility is poor.

Hi Viz Dog Harness

Due to the lightweight fabric, I also noticed that it didn’t become heavy after it had got wet in the river. Poppy’s no swimmer, but if your dog does like to swim, this feature is worth considering – you don’t want something that absorbs water and will weigh them down as they get tired.

The Weekend Warrior Harness by Hurtta Review

On the back of the harness is a lead attachment and also a handle for extra control should you need it. [Perfect in fact for pulling your dog up a steep bank should they need assistance]. Hurtta really have considered everything in their design – I’m very impressed. The harness is not machine washable, but the instructions say that you can hand wash it to keep it looking clean and fresh.

The Weekend Warrior Harness by Hurtta Review

Weekend Warrior Soft Grip leash by Hurtta

Being the fashion conscious diva she is, I of course opted for the matching lead to coordinate with Poppy’s harness. Like the harness, this weatherproof lead is designed to stand up to all weather conditions so that you and your dog can spend more quality time together outdoors.

The Weekend Warrior Harness and Lead by Hurtta Review

I have to admit Poppy has oodles of leads and collars, but this one is my favourite to date! It’s just so comfortable to hold in your hand as it has a soft neoprene grip handle. Poppy isn’t one for pulling [other than when she sees someone we know coming towards us!] but if you have a dog that pulls, this would be perfect as it doesn’t cut into your hand.

Soft Grip Dog Lead

I also love the length of it, there’s nothing worse than a lead that it too long or too short, and even more handy, it is available in two sizes so you can choose according to your preference. Complete with rust free metal components it’s incredibly versatile and ideal for daily walks.

The Weekend Warrior Lead by Hurtta Review

3M reflectors have been sewn into the webbing along the length of the lead for added safety if you’re walking at night.

So am I a harness convert?

Well I have to admit I think I might be! Pops doesn’t pull on the lead very often, but on the odd occasion she does, I always worry about hurting her throat. With the Hurtta harness the weight is evenly distributed, so it doesn’t put strain on any one part of her body.

The Advantage of a Harness

Collars can cause or exacerbate certain physical conditions including the following:

  • Pressure on the eyes causing Intraocular eye problems
  • Collapsed Trachea
  • Aggravate sensitive throats (eg after kennel cough)
  • A harness is better if your dog is recovering from surgery
  • Thyroid Disorders
  • Negative effects on lymph system, blood flows and neural pathways.

So wearing a harness seems to have benefits all round. I’m not sure if I’d make her wear it everyday, but when we visit busier places, or go shopping, or to dog shows, I’ll definitely be using it.

The Weekend Warrior Lead by Hurtta Review

A huge thank you the K9Active for sending us these fabulous products to try, if you haven’t already come across their website make sure you sniff them out.

As their name suggests they sell a whole range of products designed to live an active life with your canine companion. From cycling to canoeing, mountaineering to motor-boating they have a product just perfect for your pup.

Dog Modelling Hurtta Weekend Warrior Harness

Thank you for taking the time to read our review.

Woofs and Wags

Kate and Pops


Do you walk your dog on a lead or a harness? I would love to know – why not leave a comment below…..

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  1. Ellen Daniels says:

    Another reason for a harness: if your dog pulls out of a collar, they no longer have an I.D. or license to help unite dog & person.

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