We’ve been putting Tractive to the test – the GPS dog tracker whose slogan is ‘Love Shows No Bounds.’ How true is that when it comes to our furry friends, hey?


Loosing sight of your faithful friend when you’re out walking is every dog owners worst nightmare. 

No matter how obedient your dog is, how well trained they are, there’s always that nagging doubt that someday they may get carried away. Whether it’s chasing a squirrel, following an irresistible scent or being spooked by something out of the blue.

We were recently contacted by Tractive to see if we wanted to put their new GPS dog tracker to the test.

This nifty little device is fully waterproof and attaches neatly and securely to your dog’s collar.

Not only does it monitor the geographical position of your dog, but it has a wealth of other benefits too.

Tractive Dog TrackerHow Easy is it to set up Tractive?

The Tractive arrives in a neat little tin and is up and running in no time. You simply charge the device using the USB charger provided, download the app, add a few credentials about your dog and you’re good to go.

Poppy is the most reliable dog I know. At 14 she never strays far from my side, although ball chasing is still compulsory, of course! In fact, many times in recent months we’ll set off for a walk and I’ll realise I’ve not even got a lead for her! 

Now she’s big sister to Gertie, she’s most definitely upped her game when it comes to being attentive and following instructions!

Tractive Tracker for PetsPutting Tractive to the Test

With Poppy’s impeccable behaviour in mind, I decided to trial the Tractive on Gertie. Being just ten months old she covers a lot more ground than Pops when we’re out adventuring!

I never intended to get a pocket dog, but Gertie really is a little dot! As a result, the Tractive looks quite big on her collar, but it is weightless and doesn’t bother her at all.

The accuracy of the GPS is outstanding as it updates every 2-3 seconds in Live mode. You can even set a virtual fence via the app, so if your dog goes out of range it will trigger an alert.

For instance if you give your dog run of the garden when you are out, it will alert you if they leave that safe space.

Dog Tracker for DogsWhat are the main features of Tractive?

The Tractive works in over 150 countries. 


Not only does it track your dog’s geographical positioning, it also measures the amount of calories they’ve burned.

Sound and Light Mode

With an inbuilt light and sound facility, you can even spot your dog in the dark or locate them in noisy places using the Tractive’s light and sound feature.

Activity Monitor

You can set goals and when you achieve them, the app issues you with activity badges to celebrate your success.

There is a local leaderboard so you can compare your pooch with other similar pups in the area. [Great if your are slightly competitive when it comes to your canine companion….guilty as charged!]

Location History

The map feature lets you see where your dog has been and you can even monitor behaviour patterns using the dog heat map feature.

You can chose between Standard, Satellite or Open Street map to view your dog’s movements.

Tractive GPS Dog Tracker20% Discount Code for Tractive GPS Tracker for Dogs

The Tractive retails at £44.99, and they’ve kindly given us a discount of 20% for Dotty4Paws customers to use. 

Simply follow this link https://bit.ly/32FXk1Z and input code ‘dotty4paws’ at the checkout. 

There are monthly subscription options available starting at just £3.33 per month.

I have to say, I have been really impressed with the Tractive. It’s by no means a replacement for rigorous recall training (which by the way you can read all about in my blog How to Teach Your Puppy Good Recall) but it’s great to have that extra peace of mind.

If you’ve tried Tractive, we’d love to know what you think.

Woofs and Wags

Kate, Pops and Gertie


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