Wow! Well, that was 2016, blink and you missed it!! The year in which Poppy dog voted ‘biscuit’ and a lot of the country voted Brexit (still not at ease with that one ?). A year where sadly we said goodbye to far too many of the nation’s most treasured celebrities and musicians – I think we all breathed a sigh of relief when the clock struck twelve and our remaining national treasures had made it through the year.

A year where, on a more cheery note, we were basking in Olympic glory in Rio, whilst back home we were basking in sunshine – yes we had a proper Summer, the first real Summer in eleven years! It’s okay, I don’t keep a tally, it’s just that since I’ve been teaching, the month of August is usually shrouded with cloudy skies, disappointing temperatures, and I spend the entire six weeks of my holiday debating a visit to the sun bed centre in order to get my vitamin D fix!

A year where Poppy dog has been more ‘papped’ (only by me, don’t get excited!) than the average celebrity and I’ve discovered a real passion for photography (I said passion, not talent – I’m hoping talent will follow!!) But anyway, here are a few of my favourites!



A year in which I just can’t get over the number of genuinely lovely, inspirational and generous people who I’ve met through social media. Even Bert the tortoise has managed to se’claw’ a ‘shell’ebrity status (sorry I couldn’t resist!) – the lovely Helen and Heidi from MisHelenEous have to be his number one fans – just look at the beautiful doppelganger brooch that was lovingly handmade for him ?❤ (In fact you can read all about their first encounter in my blog Bert Finds Love at First Sight).


AND….a year when my little Dotty dream became a reality…

Yes, that’s right 2016 was the year when that little dream I had all the way back in the Autumn of 2014, on a weekend away in sunny Hereford, with Poppy dog, became a reality. (Well, actually a lot of the ins’paw’ration for the website is thanks to my husband Rob – better attribute the credit where it’s due, incase he reads this!) Dog-loving businesses, in fact lots of them (eeek!), are paying to advertise on my website and, with the danger of this sounding like an Oscar speech, I have been truly humbled by the support of businesses, individuals, dog-lovers and friends who’ve helped me create and develop Dotty4Paws. I genuinely couldn’t do it without your interest, encouragement and support, so a HUGE THANK YOU!

2016 is also the year when I was invited to write my first ever blog (for someone else!), all about the dog friendly village of Clovelly in North Devon. This place will forever hold a special place in my heart for two reasons – firstly because of it’s genuine love and acceptance of dogs as members of the family, and secondly, the fact that I had soooo much fun writing it – meeting the lovely Em from Clovelly Weddings, and sharing our experience with others (and of course taking lots of photos!)


So, as we welcome in the new year, all I can say is……

Bring On 2017!!!!

2017 is a BIG year for me – born in 1977 I cannot help but feel a little apprehensive about the dawning of this infamous year!! It’s only human nature (I hope!!) that with the onset of each new decade of your life you reflect on what has been; your life’s achievements, regrets, ambitions…… (you get the picture!) In order to try and preserve my sanity, I’m determined to think of my 40s (oh my goodness, it looks horribly real when it’s written in black and white!) as the point at which LIFE BEGINS!

My thirties have been a decade in which I feel I have had almost every one of life’s hurdles thrown in my path – I’ve had to come to terms with things that I thought I’d never have to contemplate, let alone experience. Things which in childhood you take for granted, and in adulthood hit you with a resounding sense of injustice and heartache when they can’t be achieved (I know reach for the violin!) but seriously, the website has taught me that we’re not all put on this little planet to live a ‘conventional’ life. For me, finding something I am completely passionate about and being able to make a difference to the lives of dogs and their owners has given me my raison d’être!

So bring it on 2017 – let the naughty forties commence!!!! I will continue to sniff out lots more businesses dedicated to our wonderful woofers (and their human counterparts, of course!) and continue my in quest to give our loving, loyal companions the life they deserve.


Love Kate, Poppy and Bert xxx

6 thoughts on “Why 2017 will be BIG!!

  1. Sarah, Ted & Millie (TWILIGHT BARK UK) xx says:

    What a great post!! I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings your way – lots & lots of success, I’m sure! As for turning 40, just look at it as an exciting new chapter (& even more opportunity to enjoy a glass or two of fizz!!) Wishing you, Poppy & Bert a wonderful 2017

  2. Jo says:

    Love this post!!! So honest and true.
    And this year WILL be your year!!!!
    You are ‘paw’esome and a total ins’paw’ration to me! You have got yourself through some tough times and got me through some as well.
    Sending you much love xxx

    • Kate Taylor says:

      Aw thank you Bo. You are, and continue to be, such an amazing friend. Can’t wait to share your exciting year with you ?????xxx

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