If you had to describe your dog’s character in just a few words, what would they be? If your dog could talk (well, okay I know they can really!) what would they say? Well our friends at Growlees may have the answer, as they’ve designed a fun range of dog-tags that allow your cheeky pup to speak their mind and express their inner thoughts!


The eye-catching dog-tag charms come in six different colour options, all of them bold and sassy to capture the fun-loving spirit of the Growlees brand. What’s more, there are more than thirty playful statements to choose from, so there’s bound to be something to suit even the most unique of doggy-‘paw’sonalities!


When Caroline, Founder of Growlees asked which tag best suited Poppy’s character I had such a job to choose – I’m sure she has a different mood for everyday! However, one thing Poppy cannot abide is me chatting on my mobile phone when we’re on walkies (she’s even been known to turn round and head home in the past – little madam!!) so ‘Less Talking More Walking’ seemed to sum up her inner thoughts perfectly!!


Here are few of my other favourites – I certainly think Poppy will be getting a few more of these fabulous charms – they’re just too cute to resist!!


What I also love about these retro-looking tags is they’re extremely light weight and durable (made from a hard-wearing acrylic) and so easy to wipe clean after muddy walkies. Check out Growlees for yourself and see which tag best suits your pup’s ‘paw’sonality!


Each tag costs £10 (postage is free) and comes packaged in its own little resealable bag – I think they make such a fun and unique gift for hound or human (they’d also look great attached to a keyring or handbag in my opinion!)


Thank you once again Caroline for Poppy’s dog tag – we love it!

Love Kate and Poppy


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