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Scruffy Little Terrier – The Lifestyle Brand for Terrier Lovers

You Had Me at Woof Hoodie Scruffy Little Terrier

As a proud Mum of two tenacious terriers, is it any wonder that when I came across the lifestyle label Scruffy Little Terrier, my ears pricked up! 

Michelle Burgess is the driving force behind this fun and innovative new pet brand. She designs all of her own products, which consist of an eye-catching range of homely gifts and fashionable attire for hounds and humans. 

What Should You Pack for a Dog-Friendly Holiday?

Dog Friendly Holidays

For me, there’s absolutely no two ways about it, hound-friendly holidays beat any other form of travel paws down! But, what should you pack for your pup when you go away?

A Bed With Benefits – Hot Dog Pet Products Orthopeadic Heated Dog Bed Review

Dog Beds for Senior Dogs

When us humans are suffering with aching muscles, the first thing we reach for is a hot water bottle to soothe and ease our symptoms. The application of heat helps to alleviate discomfort and promote healing. It works to reduce stiffness and muscle spasms, which in turn increases the blood flow to the affected area, thus relieving pain. 

Luxury Dog Hampers – The Gift of Indulgence this Christmas

Christmas Hampers for Dogs

Picture the Fortnum and Mason of the canine world. Luxury Dog Hampers really are quite something and are the perfect way to indulge your furry friend this Christmas, or indeed at any other time of the year for that matter.

Animo – The Dog Activity Monitor from Sure Petcare

Animo Dog Health Monitor

The Animo is primarily designed to provide a greater understanding of your dogs health and well being. It’s intended to be worn twenty four hours a day to track their behaviour patterns and alert you to abnormalities in their routine.

A New Range of Tasty Dog Treats from Pointy Faces

Pointy Faces Bitesized Dog Treats Review

Pointy Faces dog treats are healthy, nutritious, grain free and hypoallergenic, you can be satisfied that you’re feeding your pup a quality product made from carefully sourced British ingredients.

Collar Club – The Eco-Friendly Dog Subscription Box

Collar Club Subscription Box for Dogs

The sustainability hierarchy is reduce, reuse, recycle… so actually, reducing your impact is the best thing you can do! If we apply this to being a pet owner you can buy products such as poo bags and food in bulk to reduce packaging and buy high quality toys and bedding which will last a really long time to reduce waste.