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Animo – The Dog Activity Monitor from Sure Petcare

Animo Dog Health Monitor

The Animo is primarily designed to provide a greater understanding of your dogs health and well being. It’s intended to be worn twenty four hours a day to track their behaviour patterns and alert you to abnormalities in their routine.

A New Range of Tasty Dog Treats from Pointy Faces

Pointy Faces Bitesized Dog Treats Review

Pointy Faces dog treats are healthy, nutritious, grain free and hypoallergenic, you can be satisfied that you’re feeding your pup a quality product made from carefully sourced British ingredients.

Collar Club – The Eco-Friendly Dog Subscription Box

Collar Club Subscription Box for Dogs

The sustainability hierarchy is reduce, reuse, recycle… so actually, reducing your impact is the best thing you can do! If we apply this to being a pet owner you can buy products such as poo bags and food in bulk to reduce packaging and buy high quality toys and bedding which will last a really long time to reduce waste.

The Dandy Dog Company – Dog Walking Bag Review

The Dandy Dog Company Walking Bag Review

The bag appears deceptively compact on first glance, but it’s actually a little bit like a tardis, allowing plenty of room for all those must have walking accessories.

The Weekend Warrior Harness and Lead by Hurtta Review

Dog with Hurtta Harness and Lead

In our latest product review we put The Weekend Warrior Harness and Lead by Hurtta to the test. As a self confessed dog-crazy lady, I obviously love all aspects of sharing my life with Poppy dog, but for me one of the highlights has to be our daily dog walks. It doesn’t matter what else […]

Fido’s Nest – Luxury Beds for Dogs

Fidos Nest Luxury Beds for Dogs

Fido’s Nest beds provide an environment which is inhospitable to pests. This means that little critters like dust mites, ticks and fleas, which may previously have been found lurking in your dogs bedding, are a thing of the past.

Autarky Dog Food Review

Autarky Grain Free Dog Food Review

Now as much as I’m particular over what I’ll feed Pops, she is equally as fussy over what she’ll eat! [I kid you not, if she ever eats anything that makes her ill, she’ll never touch it again with a barge pole! Just like her Mum!]