Bonnie and Bailey Luxury Organic Dog Shampoo

I’d like to introduce you to Bonnie and Bailey, they have been listed with us for a little while now, and when I first came across them, I was instantly drawn to their simple, yet stylish branding. All of their grooming products come attractively packaged in recyclable aluminium bottles – not only is this better for the environment, but it also gives their range a unique, edgy style all of its own.

Bonnie and bailey Citrus Zing Dog Shampoo

Pops and I are always more than happy to put new products to the test, so when we were sent a bottle of their Citrus Zing Shampoo to try, we were very much looking forward to putting it through its paces.

Pampered Dog

Now, for those of you who follow us on social media, you may have noticed that Poppy dog’s not been too well recently. She managed to partially rupture her cruciate ligament whilst out on a walk, and so unfortunately our regular long walkies, trudging through muddy woodlands and tearing across the Wiltshire Downs, have been cut rather short in recent weeks. [Yes, it’s driving us both insane, along with our twice-weekly visits to hydrotherapy and laser therapy!]

Autumn Dog Walks

However, you may equally have noticed, that in between some beautiful sunny days this Autumn, we have also been blessed with our fair share of rain! [We do live in Britain after all!] So after a week of complete bed rest [vet’s orders!], we were still able to find plenty of mud to test out the effectiveness of our new shampoo!

Citrus Zing Organic Dog Shampoo

Now Bonnie and Bailey are the first luxury dog grooming products to be approved by the Soil Association. In essence, this accreditation means that their products are free from harmful SLSs, Parabens and Petrochemicals – all the nasties, found in many dog shampoos, that can cause issues and irritate your dog’s delicate skin.

Organic Shampoo For Dogs

A lot of thought went into designing Bonnie and Bailey’s unique product range. They spent two years sourcing and experimenting with the finest natural ingredients and essential oils to use in their range of organic shampoos and fragrances. They wanted to use ingredients that were effective, smelt good and that we’re made to human grade, so that they could be certain their products were safe and kind to use on our furry friends.

Bonnie and Bailey Dog Shampoo

Now I don’t know about you, but I do like Poppy to smell her best! After every walk, muddy or not, I always give her paws a little wash [when your dog spends more time lounging in the human bed than you, it’s essential they have clean feet!] So finding a product that ‘does what it says on the tin,’ is organic, and has an attractive scent is a lot to ask. But Bonnie and Bailey have certainly succeeded on every level – their Citrus Zing Shampoo really does smell divine, easily on a par with products in the Neal’s Yard range, which in my opinion smell amazing – refreshing and relaxing all at the same time.

Bonnie and Bailey Citrus Dog Shampoo

The first thing that struck me is the quality of the bottle, Bonnie and Bailey really have gone all out to create a high-end product [“nothing but the best for a pooch like me,” I hear Poppy say!]. Not only would it add a contemporary feel to any kitchen shelf, but it also comes with an easy to use dispenser, meaning that none of the product is wasted – just five or six squirts of shampoo is enough for each bath-time, so it lasts a nice long time too.

Bonnie and Bailey Citrus Dog Shampoo

What I also love is that it lathers up really well and leaves Poppy’s fur feeling clean and smelling fresh – all the essential attributes of a great shampoo.

Bonnie and Bailey Luxury Dog Shampoo

Please check out their full range of products available and let us know what you think. In my opinion, Bonnie and Bailey have created a rather supreme brand and we’ll definitely be trying other products from their range.

Thank you so much letting us try your fabulous shampoo.

Love Kate and Poppy

We would love to hear what tried and tested grooming products you swear by, please leave us a message in the comments box.

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