How often do you forget something essential on a dog walk? This fabulous Dog Walking Bag from The Cosy Canine Company will ensure you never leave anything behind again.

No girl can ever have too many accessories right?!! As a self confessed hoarder of bags of all shapes and sizes it’s no surprise that when it comes to walkies with Poppy dog, a bag is a must!

Whether it’s a short walk before work in the morning, or a two hour trek across the Wiltshire Downs, we always pack a bag of our essential items.

So when we were approached by the lovely Lottie from The Cosy Canine Company [and her two furry sidekicks, Baxter and Pickle] to trial their dog walking bag, we obviously jumped at the chance!

Oilcloth Dog Walking Bag

The Cosy Canine Company – Dog Walking Bag

I’ve always carried a bag of some description on our walks, some of which are designed for purpose, and some not, but I have to say our new dog walking bag from The Cosy Canine Company is in a class of its own.

All of Lottie’s products are handmade to the highest standard using beautiful Clarke and Clarke oilcloth fabrics. They are durable, easy to wipe clean and their eye catching designs make her creations the perfect addition to any household, or outfit.

What’s more the fabric is waterproof! Such an essential feature in our unpredictable British climate! There are lots of different fabrics to choose from, but obviously for us it had to be a Dotty design – what else?!

Oilcloth Dog Walking Bag Cosy Canine Company

Don’t forget those Dog Walking Essentials

Now, as many of you who follow us on social media know, Poppy is a first class tennis ball addict. In face, she won’t even entertain the thought of a walk if the ball’s not with us! Because of this ‘slight’ obsession, she gets incredibly thirsty when we’re out and about [carrying the ball means that her mouth gets quite dry!]

Therefore, water is a must when we’re walking. In fact I take a bottle that she and I can share. Complete with a little plastic pot for her to drink from as and when she requires! [You can tell her eleven years of training has paid off – training her human that is!]

The Cosy Canine Company Dog Walking Bag

Stylish and Practical Dog Walking Accessories

At the front of the bag is a pocket designed to take poo bags, and what I like particularly is that you can easily refill it with any brand of bag.

I always find it annoying when things are designed to take only what was in them originally, meaning that replacements are hard to come by and often expensive. However, with a metal eyelet in the front of the pocket, it means that the bags are easily accessible on walkies and simple to refill.

Poo Bag Holder
The Paw of Approval

Plenty of room for those Dog Walking Essentials

The main part of the dog walking bag consists of one large compartment. Again, I really like this feature as it doesn’t restrict what you put in there. The height of the compartment is just perfect to take a large-sized drinks bottle, and means that you can stand the bottle upright. Leaving plenty of room to store other essentials alongside. Lottie really has thought of everything when designing this product.

Oilcloth Dog Walking BagA bag that’s built to last

The strap of the bag is adjustable and attached by two sturdy fasteners. Our dog walking bag gets an awful lots of use and this is built to last. Some of the ones that we’ve had in the past just aren’t man enough for the job!

Handmade Dog Accessories

Plenty of Storage

At the back of the bag is another handy pocket, just perfect for keeping my mobile phone in. Handy to take all those hundreds of photos of Poppy when we’re out on walkies! [After all, she is more ‘papped’ than the average celebrity due to my slight photography obsession!]

It’s also the perfect safe place for storing my keys. With a presstud fastening there’s no way I can accidentally fling them into the middle of a field when I go to get something out of the bag! [Trust me, it has been known – I’m not sure what was worse, the fact I was locked out of the car, or having to admit to hubby that I’d carelessly lost the keys to his precious Land Rover!!]

Luxury Dog Walking Bag

A Pawsonalised Option

Not only are Lottie’s products beautifully made, but to make them even more special you can even have them personalised. Of course I couldn’t resist!

I think this is such a lovely touch. It makes it all the more special if you’re looking for that unique gift for the dog-lover in your life.

It’s only an extra £5 to have your dog’s name embroidered on the bag and it’s the ultimate finishing touch.

Personalised Dog Bag


We can’t recommend The Cosy Canine Company highly enough – from puppy crate covers, to aprons and shopping bags, Lottie’s products are simply irresistible, not to mention very reasonably priced.

The dog walking bags are just £29.99. A steal, considering the exceptionally high quality of Lottie’s handiwork.  [Lottie’s products do come with a warning though – you’ll need your credit card handy because I promise you’ll end up making a purchase!!]

Handmade Gifts for Dogs

Thank you so much to Lottie, Pickle and Baxter for creating such a fab range of products. We’ve throughly enjoyed putting them to the test.

If you’d like to order your very own accessory from The Cosy Canine Company, use DOTTY4PAWS at the checkout for 15% off your purchase.

Love Kate and Poppy

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