Like every dog owner across the country, I’m absolutely paranoid about Alabama Rot. There have only been a few cases reported in our area, but it’s made me so wary. I refuse to stop walking Poppy in certain areas – she and I live for our walkies and the chance to explore new places together, but after every walk, I do always bathe her paws just to be on the safe side. [Plus, she does sleep in the human bed most of the time, so clean paws is a house-rule!]  So when I discovered these fabulous Dog Shampoo Bars from Pointy Faces we couldn’t wait to give them a try!

In the past I’ve always used bottled doggy shampoo [mainly because, from a totally lazy point of view, I’ve always assumed it would be easier] but I have to say, after we were sent a bar of Organic Shampoo from our friends at Pointy Faces to try, I’m a complete convert!


The shampoo bar is organic, like all Pointy Faces grooming products, and comes beautifully packaged in its own little soap wrapper. The bars come in various scents, we were sent a Grapefruit one to try which smells lovely and fresh – perfect for Summer. [You can tell by the look on Poppy’s face that it got the paw of approval!]

Relaxing on her Slumbering Hound bed, whilst inhaling the sweet smelling Grapefruit Shampoo Bar – it’s a tough life!

The instructions recommend that you cut off a small amount of the shampoo bar each time you use it – you really don’t need much at all, in fact a segment, about the size of a one penny piece is more than enough I find. [I’ve cut ours into pieces and keep them in a handy tub so they’re there when I need them].


The shampoo lathers up really well, and it definitely cleans Poppy’s paws so much better than liquid shampoo. It makes me clean in between her pads a lot more thoroughly – she even gets a foot massage at the same time, which she rather enjoys [she’s so much like her mother!]

What’s more, at just £4.50 a bar, it’s so much more cost effective than her liquid shampoo – you need such a small amount each time, it lasts for weeks.


To complete the beauty regime, we were also sent us some Paw Balm to try [£7.95 for a 60 gram tin]. Again this is Handmade with Organic Grapefruit Oil, but it also comes in other scents, in fact they even do an unscented version suited to puppies or expectant bitches.

Now, I’ve tried other paw balms in the past, and have always found them to be quite greasy in texture, which isn’t very practical when Poppy’s constantly on our furniture and bedding [in fact she undoubtedly spends more time lounging on the sofa than we do!!]


The Pointy Faces paw balm is completely different though – it doesn’t feel greasy at all, just beautifully smooth, soft and moisturising. The scent of it is just to die for – in fact I’ve considered using it myself instead of hand cream, it smells that good! Poppy also loves it, in fact she’s been known to fall asleep whilst I’ve been massaging her paws!


Yes, she does lick it off afterwards but it doesn’t seem to deter from its soothing properties, it still leaves her pads feeling lovely and moisturised, not to mention leaving my hands feeling beautifully soft too [to be honest it’s a treat for both of us!]

I’ve been using the paw balm for about six weeks now, and the pads of her paws her noticeably softer.

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Poppy's Pawdrobe!
Poppy’s Pawdrobe!

A huge thank you to Megan and Bella from Pointy Faces for sending us your amazing products to try – they have all become must-have items in Poppy’s pawdrobe [I know, I know crazy dog lady alert!!]

Love Kate and Poppy


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