Fiercely loyal, full of character and intelligent to boot…..I can only be talking about a terrier!  As a proud Mum of two tenacious terriers, is it any wonder that when I came across the lifestyle label Scruffy Little Terrier, my ears pricked up! 

Michelle Burgess is the driving force behind this fun and innovative new pet brand. She designs all of her own products, which consist of an eye-catching range of homely gifts and fashionable attire for hounds and humans. 

Puppy Love Bandana Scruffy Little TerrierScruffy Little Terrier – A Lifestyle Brand for Terrier Lovers

As the name would suggest, Scruffy Little Terrier is aimed at terrier lovers and discerning dog fanatics like myself. Michelle’s two terriers Barney and Sandy have been the inspiration for her entrepreneurial new venture. 

Whilst, like me, terriers are Michelle’s penchant when it comes to dog breeds, any dog-loving human would find it hard to resist her vivacious designs. 

Since discovering Scruffy Little Terrier, I admit I may have indulged my inner crazy dog lady just a tad! I mean, who can resist a cozy hoodie that bears the slogan, ‘You Had Me At Woof!’ Or a comfy T-shirt that reads ‘Dogs Rule My World!’

Dogs Rule My World T Shirt Scruffy Little TerrierA fashion brand for the discerning dog lover

I always jest that Pops and Gerts have more accessories and clothes than me!

Once upon a time I was a self-confessed shopaholic. My weekends would always consist of an obligatory shopping spree to a local high street! A snoop around the rails to sniff out that perfect outfit in preparation for the next big night out! 

That was back in the days before dogs! Nowadays, I’m more than happy to snuggle up on the sofa with my girls and crack open a bottle of Rosé on a Friday or Saturday night! How life changes!

My wardrobe was once brimming to the rafters with sparkly tops, short skirts [belts as my Dad used to call them!] and impractical footwear! Fast forward 15 years and you’d be hard pressed to find a stiletto in sight! 

I Love My Human Bandana Scruffy Little TerrierI spend my days walking the girls and working from home. Long gone is the need for fancy clothes to wear to the office, or that little black dress for a Friday night out!

Before you start to conjure up images of some crazed dog lady who doesn’t care about her image, I must set you straight! I still very much love clothes, but my shopping habits have changed. These days, like so many of us, nearly everything I buy is online, and a comfy hoodie would win paws down over a shift dress any day!

What I need is practical clothes to suit my lifestyle, and Scruffy Little Terrier fits the bill just perfectly. I’ve no qualms in admitting I’m completely dog-obsessed, so a clothing brand that celebrates my love of canines couldn’t be more apt!

Cute But Psycho BandanaHoodies and Sweaters to Bark About

Scruffy Little Terrier hoodies and sweatshirts are available in two different styles, unisex and women’s. They come in a variety of colours and sizes. The size guides on the website are very accurate, so if in any doubt take a look to see which fit would be best for you. 

I opted for a unisex hoodie in medium. The unisex is a more generous fit and has a fleecy lining. To me a hoodie is designed to be warm and snuggly, and nothing can beat the cozy feeling of an oversized hoodie on a chilly evening!

I had quite a dilemma deciding which colour to plump for, I could have chosen any of them, (they are all gorgeous) but in the end, navy came out on top! I just love it! One thing’s for sure, it’s going be getting a lot of wear as I stride out across the Wiltshire downs with my girls.

You Had Me At Woof Hoodie Scruffy Little TerrierT-Shirts and Vest Tops

As well as snuggly hoodies to wrap up in the Winter, Michelle’s collection also includes a range of fabulous T-Shirts and vest tops for balmy Summer days. 

Available in the same colours as the hoodies, with matching catchy slogans, these are an essential addition to any dog-lovers wardrobe. 

I often struggle to find T-Shirts that fit me properly. Being 5’11” and slim they are either too baggy and loose fitting, or really short in the body.

Rather like with the hoodies and sweaters, Michelle has taken our varying human physiques into account when designing her products. 

Available in both unisex and women’s, you can choose the fit that best suits your body shape. I opted for a women’s in Extra Small. It is the perfect fit and so comfortable to wear, so much so, that I’m already eyeing up my next purchase!

Dogs Rule My World T Shirt Scruffy Little TerrierLet’s not forget the Terriers!

A dog can never have too many accessories – right? I think at the last count I managed to find over 50 bandanas squirrelled away in Pops and Gerts’ pawdrobe! [They are officially the Imelda Marcos of bandanas!]

When designing her attire for humans, Michelle has not forgotten our hounds!

Scruffy Little Terrier’s range of bandanas boast the same distinctive style – humorous slogans that capture that terrier persona to a tee! Sassy, smart, confident and a stubborn devotion to their humans. 

Puppy Love Bandana Scruffy Little TerrierA house is not a home without a hound!

In addition to their clothing range, Scruffy Little Terrier also sell a contemporary range of gifts for the home.

Mugs, aprons, tote bags and cushions are amongst the current collection, but watch this space! Michelle has plans to stock some other tried and tested dog brands to compliment her product range in the future.

Coincidentally these include some our favourite products too. A range of coconut oil dog soap from The Dog and I, natural treat boxes from Collar Club and a scrumptious range of chews and more from Soopa.

I'm a Star Bandana Scruffy Little TerrierEco conscious and proud 

Michelle’s enthusiasm to don the nation’s pups and their pawrents in stylish clothing to be admired by all, is echoed by her eco-conscious ethics.

Delivered in eco-friendly packaging, her clothing is made from organic cotton or recycled polyester. Whist vegan friendly inks are used in her homeware products. 

Sometimes I find that with eco-friendly fabric there is a compromise on quality. Often the material can feel a little coarse and scratchy to wear against bear skin.

This is certainly not the case with Michelle’s clothing collection however. The fabrics are soft, cozy and super comfortable, I honestly cannot recommend them enough.

You Had Me at Woof Hoodie Scruffy Little TerrierI hope you enjoyed reading our insight into Scruffy Little Terrier and that you enjoy browsing their website of wonderful doggy inspired goodies.

Michelle has kindly set up a discount code for Dotty4Paws customers. Use SLT10 at the check out to receive 10% off your order.

If you make a purchase after reading our blog, we’d love to know! Please send us a pic and we’ll share it on social media.

Woofs and Wags

Kate, Pops and Gertie


4 thoughts on “Scruffy Little Terrier – The Lifestyle Brand for Terrier Lovers

  1. Avatar for Rachel Spencer
    Rachel Spencer says:

    I love this Kate. As always I read it and think OMG that was me. I also used to wear ‘belts’ and sparkly tops and heels. Now I love my pawd-robe. And the SLT range is fab! Xx

    • Avatar for Kate Taylor
      Kate Taylor says:

      Ahh thank for reading Rachel. Hehe, we are so alike! Just the imagine the trouble we could have caused back in the day!!xx

  2. Avatar for Karen
    Karen says:

    Great write up Kate and lovely pics of Gertie ( quite the poser ) Poppy and you . Being the owner of a SLTerrier myself I will browse the site and see what awaits !!

    • Avatar for Kate Taylor
      Kate Taylor says:

      She is such a little poser – can’t think where she gets it from!

      I can just see you walking Gracie and Rosie in one of those hoodies xx

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